jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2014


LEVEL: 1st Primary
SUBJECT: Science
UNIT: My Body

INTRODUCTION: Take care and know about our body is one of the mains goals in this period. In this unit we study parts of the body, healthy habits and healthy food.

TIMING: 8 Hours (2 weeks). 1st Unit, 1st Term.


Lesson 1
- Brain storm about what they know using x-ray photographs. 15'
- An alien wants to make a human body and he needs to know about body parts and joints. We speak about what do they know about it. 15'

How does our body move? Move around the classroom. 15'

Lesson 2
- Revision: body parts, joints, watch the video. 15 '
What joints are being used? (in pairs) 15'
The skeleton. Complete the body parts.(groups 4-5) 15'
 What bones can you see? 8'
 http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/body/index_interactivebody.shtml 7'

Lesson 3
- Revision: skeleton, movements, simon says. 10'
- Describe my movements and describe your friends movements. (groups 4-5) 10'
- How can I look after my teeth? How are they important?20'
When do your teeth grow? Complete with stickers. 10'
Do you practise some sport? What sports do you practice? Is it good for your health? Why? (in pairs) 10'

Lesson 4
- Revision: What is a healthy habit? What sports do you practise? 10'
What is calcium good for? How can I get calcium? 10'
What does calcium do? Match the photos and the sentences. 15'
Look and read. Tick the food which you should eat every day.15'
- Draw the food pyramid. 10'

Lesson 5
What do you eat? What do you like? Why are these food important? (groups 4-5) 15'
What is a healthy body? 10'
- How do you keep your body healthy? (in pairs) 15'
Draw and write the name of a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Organize the information in a table or a diagram. 15'

Lesson 6
- Revision: Healthy food, sport, parts of the body. 15'
Label the bones. Use the following web page: 15'

- Song Daily Routines: 10'

What do you usually do in the morning? In the afternoon and evening? Daily routines. (in pairs). Presentation for the whole class. 20'

Lesson 7
- Sing the song: Daily Routines 10'
Chloe lives in Scotland. Look at her day. Then write about your day. 20'
Self evaluation: Now I can... 15'
- Revision activities, songs, interactive links 15'

Lesson 8
- Final task: Make a skeleton puppet and move. “Bend your knee, stretch your arms up...” (we record the exposition and upload in our 2nd level blog) 30'

- Individual evaluation sheet. 30'